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Estaremos encantados en decirte tu nivel y los posibles grupos reducidos en los que encajarías.

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1.- My father _______ a Doctor

2.- What__________ you do ?

3.- His parents _____________ in California.

4.- John's mother _________________ a new washing machine.

5.- ________ historical novels?

6.- ________ a quarter to eight.

7.- How old are you?

8.- I´m sorry. There isn´t ________ wine in the bottle.

9.- "Susan and Ann are sisters". What is ________ surname?.

10.- There are ________ cars in Barcelona.

11.- In 1988 I __________ to the U.S.A.

12.- We used to ________ television regularly.

13.- `How long ________ your car? `Since 1987´

14.- John´s wife ________to have a baby next month

15.- I´ve been working here _______ four years.

16.- If you _______ careful with electricity you might get a shock.

17.- I _______ a shower when the telephone _______.

was having/ was ringing

18.- Thank you for the invitation. What time would you like _______.

19.- There was a terrible accident here _______ Friday evening.

20.- I´m not as tall _______ my brother.


21.- Their son _______ to ride a horse since he was five.

22.- He is looking at her. She is looking at him. They are looking at _________.

23.- I´ve no idea where _______.

24.- Have you ever ______ a solo in public?

25.- Her father works ______ Coca Cola.


26.- If I ______ you, I wouldn´t go out with him.



27.- He kept his job _______ the manager had threatened to sack him.

28.- Could you _______ me some money until tomorrow?

29.- "We´re not hungry". __________________________

30.- Are you sure she´s _______ the truth?.

31.- If he_______ been drunk, he probably wouldn´ t have crashed into that tree.

32.- The _______ of living just keeps on going up.

33.- Come and stay for as long as you like, just remember to ________ sleeping bags and warm clothes.

34.- Come in our car. There´s enough ______ for you.

35.- My parent wanted_______ be a doctor.

36.- We may go sailing tomorrow. It depends _______ the weather.

37.- I explain______

38.- My parents got up very early this morning _______ to pack for the journey.

39.- The coach broke _______, leaving us stranded halfway up the mountain.

40.- It was a difficult journey. The weather was _______ awful.

41.- It took her years to get _______ the death of her son.


42.- If you need help you can always count ______ me.

43.- Could you possibly put me ______ for a couple of days?.

44.- U.S.A stands ______ United States of America.

45.- I don´t _______ to see them until the end of the month.

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